MADZERINI is a world-class expert in design, creation and development of outerwear. We have been improving our experience for more than 30 years. We are based on subtle sense of style for creating elegant silhouettes, which is invariably combined with the thoughtful practicality, high-tech modern fabrics and multifunctional fittings. Annually we create more than 150 models of coats, jackets and down jackets that fully satisfy the requirements of the most discerning clients.


The full development cycle of each seasonal collection is provided by magnificent Italian designers who create silhouettes and styles of the most successful and bright seasonal trends, technologists developing their own patented MADZERINI fabrics and multifunctional modern accessories from reliable suppliers of natural and high-tech insulation as well as innovative sewing equipment. Consistently strict quality control accompanies the entire cycle from design to production of an industrial batch at privately own Factories.

Partnership with MADZERINI is a reasonable and undoubtedly successful step that will provide your business with a constantly growing turnover of loyal customers who are ready to purchase and recommend brand products. The quality level combined with the brand reputation will guarantee excellent sales and dynamic development.